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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Sunday, 03/26/2000

Mother nature again looked favorably upon us. What at first looked like doubtful conditions for our Sunday launch, turned out to be just great. Full sun, no clouds, temps in the 50's but it was a little on the windy side. The field had dried up enough so that we could drive on it to get to our preferred launch location some ways back into the site. 21 flyers made 59 flights from A to J impulse class.

The rocket gods finally granted Barry Lynch what he has been hoping for some time. L-2!! He made a perfect flight of his LOC Magnum on a J-350 with altimeter apogee ejection. Congratulations Barry.

Mark and Josh Hanna made a spectacular flight of a two stage scratch built rocket. The Nike Ajax had a I211-s in the booster, staged to a H123-m in the sustainer. It had an ALTS-2 altimeter in the sustainer with a remote control to stage the H123. The flight started out great. The staging went perfectly. The chute on the booster became tangled upon deployment. The booster received some damage on landing but is repairable. The sustainer went unstable immediately after motor ignition, flying about in a cork screw pattern. The altimeter did its job though and the sustainer was recovered in good shape.

Wolf Von Kiparski flew a Nike Smoke on an Apogee D-10. The motor CATOed on ignition but gave enough thrust to propel the rocket into the air about 100 feet. With no burning motor to ignite the ejection charge, the rocket crashed but is repairable.

Jacob Hahn made the most flights of the day with 7. Next was Eric Jones with 6 flights. It's good to see the young-uns taking an active interest in our hobby!

Three new members joined our ranks on Sunday. They are Dan Ledenican, Robert Faud, and Greg Phillip. Please join me in welcoming them to our rocket family at our next launch!

Pete Pfingsten, our Vice Pres, brought the first finished high power pad to the launch for an examination by all. Pete did an outstanding job fabricating this pad. It has removable legs, VERY wide foot print for those big ones, rod angle is adjustable with a turnbuckle and the whole launch head swivels on the base! The pad will handle up to a one inch rod. Excellent job Pete!! We will use it a few times and see if we need to make any modifications before he makes the next one.

The following is a break down of the flights by impulse class:

A - 5
B - 8
C - 7
D - 10
E - 5
F - 8
G - 11
H - 7
I - 3
J - 1

Reported By Tri-City Sky Busters Rocketry Club President: Les Kramer

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