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Launch Reports

Launch Report for NYPower 2001 (Friday, 07/06/2001 - Sunday, 07/08/2001)

To All Fellow Rocketeers,

This years NYPower launch in Geneseo, NY was the best attended ever. Twenty-three Sky Busters (over HALF our membership) showed up over the three day weekend to launch and talk rockets. NAR Level 1, 2 and 3 certifications were earned by some of our fellow members. I will only be able to cover the highlights here.

Dan Ledenican became the first Sky Buster to earn his Level 3. Dan flew his scratch built, 7.5", "Midnight Express'" on an Aerotech M845 Nitrous Oxide Turbo Hybrid motor for a flawless flight and recovery. Dan used an RDAS Compact and a GWiz LC Deluxe for the electronics section and achieved an altitude of 6031 feet. Check out our web site,, for some flight pictures.

Jamie Wylie took and aced his Level 2 written exam and then got a little nervous. He said he was going to wait to make his L-2 flight at our Amherst field. But by Sunday afternoon he couldn't wait any longer. Jamie flew his "Thor" on a J350-M for a perfect Level 2 flight and recovery. He had removed the electronics to use motor ejection instead. After 90 minutes of sitting on the pad it went off without a hitch with a LONG walk for recovery.

Paul Bixler got his Level 1 certification on his "Sabre" using an H-128-M for another excellent flight.

Congratulations to all for achieving your certification goals! A lot of hard work and effort go into each certification.

On the down side, we had two members attempt and fail their Level 3 certifications. Josh Hanna had a FULL scale phoenix with the first ever Red Line "M" motor flight in the country, 98mm M1600R. The launch went perfect but upon ejection of the main chute, it became tangled in the shock cords and tumbled to the ground. Josh thinks there was too much damage to be repaired. Sorry Josh and Mark. Go to for a video of the ill fated flight.

Mark Simpson flew a Traffic Barrel for his L-3 attempt. Yes, you read that right! His flight was perfect in every way except one. It landed a little hard and broke off the barrel's fin ring assembly. Sorry Mark. Go to for some pictures of his flight and this very unique rocket.

We took our HyperTEK equipment this year and it was a BIG hit. Marty Dorociak made several flights as did two other NYPower attendees from other clubs. The audience ate up the launches. A common response to a flight was, "Man I have got to get me one of those motors!". Next year we will have a little better setup for the launch equipment.

The weather wasn't always the best but all who attended had a great time, that I am sure of. Next July can't come soon enough for me I know that. If you didn't make it this year, do yourself a favor and plan on it next year.

Les Kramer, Pres.

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