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9*11 Revision History

Viewing updates for the year 2004.
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12/18: Launch Statistics
Statistical reports are made for each launch. There is also a cumulative report for each year. Flyers can see how many flights they have made, what motors they have used, etc.

12/06: Two New Links Added
Added Booster Vision and Cowboy Rocketry, both owned by fellow Sky Buster Art Upton

11/15: Launch Rules Updated
Added under Trash: When loading your rocket onto a launch pad, please place any used igniters in the trash pails provided.

Added Altimeters/Timers: These devices will ONLY be armed AFTER the rocket is loaded onto the launch pad.

Added under Rocket Motors: Igniters for High Power (H-L) motors will ONLY be installed in the motor(s) AFTER the rocket is loaded onto the launch pad!!

09/20: 2004 CNAS Pix
Pictures from our Display (Attempted) Demo-Launch at the 2004 Cleveland National Air Show

09/19: 9-19 Launch Pix
Pictures from our 09-19-04 Launch

08/24: Sunday 08-22-04 Launch Pictures Added
Added Pictures from our Sunday 08-22-04 Amherst,OH Launch.

05/21: Launch Rules Revised
Launch Rules revised to match the same rules used for our annual Great Lakes launch.

05/20: Club E-Store Online NOW!!
Sky Buster products now available online. Buy one or one hundred items.

05/18: NOTRA Web Page Added
NOTRA web page added to our site.

05/15: Hybrid Launch Fees Updated
RATT Works fees added & some HyperTEK fees increased

05/15: Tons Of NEW Pictures Posted More to Come Very Soon !!
Pictures added to the Launch pictures for GLRMR-IV, Garaway Local Schools Aerospace Week 2003, and Various Uncategorized Photos areas

04/22: Links Up-Dated
Added Link to SFSM Industries

01/02: Links Updated
Added Links to the following..

Revision history was started on 10/09/2001.

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