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Sky Busters News


Friday, 05/06/2005

Fellow Rocketeers,

The Great Lakes launch was another hit!! We had near perfect flying weather despite the morning forecast and a bone dry field. There were 28 registered flyers from three rocket clubs in two states and many spectators that had a fantastic day!! Many awesome flights were made.

I would like to thank many people for making this day possible:

Ken Holloway from the Erie Rocketry Group for letting us use their high power launch controller. Early on in the launch, the launch button in our controller broke after eight years of service! Erie has the same system that we do and lent us their controller. Without them at our launch, I don't know WHAT we would have done!!

The people who worked the various shifts for range duty.

Everyone who came out early and/or stayed after to help setup and take down everything.

The vendors who generously donated their products to our raffle so that we could offer some great prizes including Barry Lynch from LOC and John Fleischer from TRANSOLVE.

And last but certainly not least, our vary gracious host/farmer Mr. Borne who puts up with us year after year. He does many things on his own time and at his own expense to make sure we have a good time. This year he completely revamped the access road, including drainage tile and grading! As usual, the club will be giving Mr. Borne and his wife a gift certificate to a local restaurant to show our gratitude!

If I have left anyone out I truly apologize. It was a very busy day for myself and the other club officers, ALL of whom worked very hard for YOU so that we could all have a great launch day!!

Some early launch pics are located at Launch Pics.

Les Kramer, Pres.


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