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Marty Dorociak's Rocketry Projects

I will be building a Binder Stealth (54mm) for my level 2 cert.
(Pictured on the left with my level 1 cert. LOC Caliper ISP)
Being of sound mind and body, I have decided to bequeath my time and effort to make this rocket the most advanced Stealth short of something out of Skunk Works! Building on what I have learned with the Caliper ISP from LOC, The Super Stealth, as I call it, will utilize dual deployment with my ALTS 25. The ALTS 25 is sub-mounted to a piece of 1/8" plywood. This "gurney" fits into either the 3" LOC or 4" Stealth altimeter bay by sliding on two threaded rods. An individual altimeter bay must be made for each rocket model however. Also, I utilize threaded steel tubing and baffles to allow you to screw together the various sections that house the altimeter bay to the upper & lower rocket sections. That way your rocket is held together in tension internally, and is not just a stack of loose tubing couplers doing the Hippy-Hippy Shake on the way up! Check out the diagram below, and you will notice the use of lamp parts on the inside. It's built just like the Eiffel Tower! Some design features of my Super Stealth:
1. ALTS 25 dual deployment
2. Screwed-together body sections around the altimeter bay
3. Anti-zipper booster section
4. Anti-zipper main body tube end (world's first?)
5. Special plastic machined coupling set to do the anti-zipper thing above
6. Robbie's Rockets ejection charges housed in CPVC tubing wells in the ALT bay
7. Threaded rod internal bracing in booster, and main body sections
(no glassing of the 4" spiral tubing required)
8. 90" Overall length!
9. ACME Engineering's conformal launch lugs for 1/2" rod (they're aluminum!)
10. Aero Pak 54mm motor retainer
11. "Stealth" coating applied to entire outer airframe!
(A black material sprayed on to give scratch & dent resistance)
(yes this thing is rubber coated!)
12. 36" Sky-Angle main chute!

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