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Mark Snock's Rocketry Projects

Mark Snock's Tripoli Level-II High Power Certification Project

Rocket: Magnum; No name yet
Motor: J350
Recovery: Duel deployment with either Transolve's P4 or P5 Altimeter.

Additional description:

1) Entire rocket will be fiberglassed with 6 oz
and then with 4 oz. using West Systems epoxy.

2) Fins are to be reinforced with welders rod on
leading edge. The fins are then to have an
airfoil shape with 2 notches on the root edge.
The fins will be attached to motor tube and
centering ring via nothes in the rings and the
glassed to the tube. The fins will also be fiberglassed
with 6 oz. cloth.

3) The body tube is cut for dual deployment.
The booster section will have a hatch for placing
Transolve's T2 timer for air starting the 2 - 29mm
out board motors.

4) Electronics bay will have 'easy access' for replacing
charges and batteries.

5) Rocket will have anti-zippering incorporated into
the main split for drouge 'chute and secondary split
for the main chute.

Check Out Some of the Projects Construction Pictures........
Mark Snock (TRA #5830 L2, LEUP)

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