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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 07/01/2000

What a great day in the field! Nineteen flyers made a total of 44 flights under sunny skies with very little wind. For the "Most Flights of the Day," there was a three way tie between Allen Waddle, Jamie Wylie, and Tom Jares, with four flights each.

Pat Easter launched his Lil' Lunar Express on an I211W for a fantastically high flight with perfect recovery.

Gerry Freed launched his " Black Brant-II " on 2, G-80's. One ignited right away and lifted the rocket off the pad. The other air started and took Gerry's baby down range into the field. It is repairable and will fly again!

Gilbert Edwards ALWAYS provides us with an unusual flight and today was no exception. He launched his "Multi-Motor Madness" on 40 (that's right, forty) A10-3's. To make it more interesting, he uses flash pan ignition: you put a pan with black powder in it underneath the rocket, light the pan and watch the madness!! What a great flight.

Mark Hanna flew his "Astrobee D" on a J180-M for a fantastic flight.

Mark Sadowski launched his "Magnum Plus" on a J275 using electronic dual deployment. Main chute deployment was at 500 feet for a perfect recovery.

Yours truly launched his LOC 5.5" V-2 on an I211 for a great flight and his Thoy Phoenix on a H-180 for another picture perfect flight.

The "Jenkins Boyz" were in attendance again. Chip flew his LOC Stovi on a H-128 for a literally "outta" sight flight. Chip also launched his now completed "Bull Pup" on a H180. What a beautiful rocket and flight! Randy flew his LOC Hi Tech on what I believe is our club's first Kosdon motor launch, a H70-8.

Josh "I'm Finally Legal" Hanna, flew his LOC Ultimate on one H220 with two outboard G-35's for a great flight!

The following is break down of the flights by impulse class:
         A - 33
         B - 5
         C - 9
         D - 7
         E - 1
         F - 6
         G - 5
         H - 9
         I - 3
         J - 2
Les Kramer, Pres.

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