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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 05/06/2000

Sunny skies once again shinned down on us. With temperatures in the 80's and a little bit of wind, 21 flyers launched 46 rockets for a perfect day! We had some great cluster flights and THREE Level 1 certification flights.

Mike Bear drove all the way from Weston, OH to renew his membership AND get his Level 1 certification. Mike few an original 4", 7x upscale Mosquito on a 29mm, H-128-S for a picture perfect flight. Congratulations Mike!

Randy Jenkins, (Chip's brother), drove up from Orrville, OH to join our ranks as a Sky Buster and also get his Level 1 certification. Randy flew his "Brutus" on a 38mm, H-73-S for a beautiful and smokey flight. Congratulations Randy on your L-1 certification AND also on becoming our newest member. Next time you see Randy, please welcome him to our family.

Chris Burke made his Level 1 certification with a PML AMRRAM 3 and a 29mm, H-242-10 flight. Another great flight. Congratulations Chris!

Marty "I have to start launching more than one rocket per day" Dorociak brought his scratch built "Laser Sonic 4.0" for a flight on an I-211. Marty started to prep his "baby" and found that he had left the shock cord at home! After a long drive home and back, he picked up where he left off in the prep work. Marty made a great flight with perfect dual deployment recovery. The main chute opened at 600 feet as planned.

G. Wayne Edwards made an excellent cluster flight with 5, D-12's in his 4" Multi-Motor Madness"! All motors ignited as planned for a great flight.

Jacob Hahn flew his TE Apponica on 4, C-6-4's for a perfect flight and recovery.
George Christ launched his "Not-So-Big Bertha" on 3, C-6-7's. The flight was great but, if I remember correctly, "Bertha" got lost in the sun and could not be found. Sorry George.

A great time was had by all. Many youngsters were present to catch the ROCKET bug. Mike Bear made the most flights with 6. May you be happily infected for years to come!

Here is a brake down of flights by impulse class:

A - 4
B - 5
C - 14
D - 13
E - 2
F - 11
G - 1
H - 5
I - 1

Reported By Tri-City Sky Busters Rocketry Club President: Les Kramer

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