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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 04/15/2000

WOW! What a day. In addition to the great weather, a surprise was the arrival of our porta-john (This IS big news). The farmer, Mr. John Born, made a nice gravel pad & set the john in place for us. The service company had put it in the wrong spot.
Despite the small turn out of fliers, we still put up 39 rockets, with only two "Oh-Darn Its." George Christ attempted to cluster 3 Apogee C motors. Only one ignited & sent the rocket arching over Rt. 113 & the houses to crash in the field behind them. We may have to come up with guidelines/rules for clustering AP motors. I think the rocket gods are trying to tell us something! Fortunately, it cleared everything with the only damage being to the rocket. The other "O-Darn It" was a rocket that was lobbed into the cow stockade. I was distracted & don't know the outcome of this crash. Again, I don't believe anything but the rocket was damaged. Pat Easter made a lawn dart of a cool little model he built. But it suffered only mirror damage, thanks to soft ground; it will fly again. We had a couple of separations, but overall things went every well.
I launched the Trans403 twice. Once with an H-128 & 2 D12s & once with an H-180 & the same 2 D12s. One must remember to pull the safety pin to arm the air-start timer (OOPS). Having returned to earth with the 2 D-12s still intact, I just had to put it up again! This time with the H-180 & the timer armed. WOW! That was cool. Just as the H180 burned out, the 2 D's fired up to give it that little extra kick in the GAS! I had to do some hiking over hill & dale & creek to get that one back.
The big motor of the day was Mark Hanna's I-161 in his Aerobee Hi; some hiking to get this one back as well. Pat Easter also flew his Bull-Puppy on an H73, nice flight, cool looking paint job.
Pat Easter, George Christ & myself all tied with 5 flights each.
Thanks to Eric Amundsen & Gerry Freed for the help with LCO & registration duty. Also thanks to the others that helped with launching & packing up at the end of a great day in the field.

We burned up the following:

Not a bad day.

Reported By Tri-City Sky Busters Rocketry Club Vice-President: Pete Pfingsten

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