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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 04/01/2000

We must be doing something right. For the third time in a row this year, Saturday's launch was absolutely beautiful. Full sun, a few high clouds, temps in the 60's and lots of eager rocketeers present ! Gerry Freed even came out, holding court at the launch fee table! 22 flyers made 65 flights from A thru J impulse class. Bob Yeager and Pete Pfingsten tied for the most flights with 7 each.

Robert Yeager and Michael Leffler became our newest members. Please say hello to them at our next launch and make them feel at home.

We tried out our new high power pad, made by Pete Pfingsten, as the away cell, using our new away cell controller. The pad is awesome and worked great as did the new controller. A few minor suggestions were made for modifications to the new pad.

Dan Ledenican made his AND our clubs first hybrid flights. Dan made two flights with his PML Aurora using Aerotech J-210H reloads. These reloads use nitrous oxide as the oxidizer for the propellant grains. One flight was to almost 2000 feet high. Dan used the away cell for both flights. Great job Dan.

I flew my PML AMRRAM 4 with an I-211 reload for an awesome flight and perfect recovery.

Bill Sinkins made a couple of great flights. Bill flew his Sudden Rush on a I-161 with electronic recovery for a perfect flight. He also launched his WASP on a I-357 for a great flight and a LOOOONG walk for recovery!

Pete Pfingsten flew his award winning Trans 403 with an H-128 reload. This model not only looks great but flies great. Pete won a trophy for the "Best of Show" in the Rocket Category at the Euclid Square Mall with this scratch built rocket.

One of the last flights of the day was a real heart breaker. Around 3:30 Mark Sadowski was finally done prepping his LOC Bruise EXP and headed out to the away cell to set it up. He had a 54mm J-415 as the central motor with two outboard 38mm J350's. The J-350's would be ignited on the pad with the J-415 being air started. Only one J-350 ignited on take off. The Bruiser rose about 100 feet in the air then laid over and took off like a cruise missile over everyone's heads. It crashed in an adjacent field about 200 to 300 yards from the launch pad. There wasn't much left to recover. Mark lost almost every thing including his electronics. He figures the total loss figure was over $700.

The following is a break down of flights by impulse class:
A - 4
B - 6
C - 12
D - 11
E - 4
F - 15
G - 5
H - 4
I - 4
J - 3

Reported By Tri-City Sky Busters Rocketry Club President: Les Kramer

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