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Launch Reports

Launch Report for GLRMR 2013 (Saturday, 05/04/2013 - Sunday, 05/05/2013)

The Skybusters Rocketry Club held its 2013 Great Lakes Regional Meet Revisited launch on Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th 2103. The weather for both days was sunny and breezy with a 10-20 M.P.H., ESE average wind velocity and high level clouds present. Most flights were tracked visually and many had onboard altimeters.

Kits by notable manufacturers such as Estes, Aerotech, Loc-Precision, and P.M.L. as well as a few scratch-built rockets were flown both days. The Saturday phase of the launch was by far the busiest. Early in the day, Boy Scout troop 107 showed up to fly their Quest Viper kits which they built the previous weekend. Each scout got to fly their model at least three times under the guidance of club advisor Pat Easter, Barb and Ken Hubal and Jerry Appenzeller of Loc Precision. Pat and Jerry also supplied motors for the scouts to use for their flights. A big thank you goes out to these individuals for their help!

Jerry Appenzeller of Loc precision donated Onyx and Black Brant kits for raffle and was on hand to supply CTI motors and igniters for sale. Along with these kits, Jerry also distributed some of his Loc mini-missile kits to interested young rocketeers. A big thank you goes out to Jerry for his time and effort to promote rocketry to our public school and scout youth!

Among the highlights of the weekend was Saturday’s launch of a very finely crafted and well executed design of a 10 foot tall, 5.5 inch diameter rocket by SLI, a group of high school students chosen from local T.A.R.C. teams. They had a textbook perfect flight of their rocket, constructed with Loc Precision components powered by a CTI K590 motor. This group was under the guidance of Jerry Appenzeller. Their vehicle carried aloft altimeters and velocity measuring devices and weighed in at 29 pounds. Altitude was reported at 4980 feet, which makes this the closest reported altitude to our FAA waiver.

Sunday’s launch featured the largest motor flown at the event which was Jerry Appenzeller’s 1:1 scale AMRAM flown on an L motor.

A large number of low, mid, and high power launches were flown of the club’s two low power racks and ten mid and high power pads.

A big thank you goes out to the Boy Scout pack from Litchfield, Ohio who was on hand to provide food service for both days! This was a very welcome addition to the launch.

Thanks also to those who helped set up and tear down the range and to those who performed L.C.O and R.S.O. duties. Without the gracious help and efforts of these individuals, this event wouldn’t have proceeded as smoothly and efficiently as it did.

Here are a few statistics from the launch:

Motors Flown:

Type A – 3
Type B - 38
Type C - 12
Type D - 6
Type E - 6
Type F - 6
Type G - 17
Type H -16
Type I - 13
Type J - 8
Type K- 4
Type L- 1

There were two Type C motor failures and one Type F motor failure. At least three parachutes failed to open resulting in crash landings and at least two “lawn darts”. There were no incidents of people or property damage. There was, however, a small grass fire that occurred during the Sunday phase of the launch that was quickly extinguished by alert participants on the range using club provided fire extinguishers.

Thanks to all who participated and to those who helped make this launch a huge success.

Hope to see you again next year!

Data compiled by Barb Hubal and launch report submitted by Ken Hubal

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