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Launch Reports

Launch Report for 10/10/10 Amherst Launch (Sunday, 10/10/2010)

We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day for the first launch of our fall flying season. Arriving at the field the temps were in the mid-60’s; they stayed comfortable and it was nearly 80 when the day was over. Winds were variable and stayed light for the entire launch. The crops were almost completely cleared and we had an expansive recovery area. You would be hard pressed to find better weather for a launch. We had 10 active flyers put up a total of 36 flights. Chuck Delaney was the most prolific flyer with a total of 7 flights. Oh, and they were all successful. Second on the list was Jason Luzar, a first-time flyer with us. He flew several Estes birds but had two great high flights with a LOC Aura on RoadRunner F45 and F60 motors. This little bird really scooted on mid power, using a streamer for recovery. Unfortunately, Jason could not locate it after the F60 flight. Mark Hanna had us worried a bit early. He flew his LOC Norad on a g80, with a little teasing from the gallery. He finished the day flying he rebuilt Gemini Titan on 2 H165 Cessaroni motors. He used tie-down straps to ensure both motors were firing before lift-off. His system worked well, this was another impressive flight. Dave Komer only had two flights, both of the V2 variety. The first was a LOC 3.9” V2 on an H123. He had a great, colorful paint job, receiving a compliment as he loaded it on the pad. After this great flight he loaded up his 7.5” V2 for a J250 flight. This was a majestic liftoff on a column of dark smoke. Unfortunately, ejection occurred less than a second after motor burnout. The rocket was moving so fast it stripped the chute and broke the attachment point on the nose cone. The booster nearly stuck a landing on one fin, but the fin gave way and will need replacement. Dave was thinking of modifying the nose to allow for dual deployment, so this will give a little added incentive. We had a great day of flying with near perfect results.

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