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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Sunday, 04/06/2003

The Amherst field, on this mostly sunny Sunday, had dried up quite a bit since our last launch. We were able to use the access road. With 10-15 MPH winds and a temperature around 40 degrees, 5 flyers came out to make 15 flights with Mike Jenkins making the most at five.

Mike Jenkins also made the first flight of the day with his Quest Nike Smoke using a C6-5 for a great flight and recovery. Mike also flew his custom made "Cracked Easter Egg" on a D12-5. It flew fine put suffered a separation upon ejection. Mike launched his Estes Blue Ninja on a D12-5, Estes Storm Caster on a C11-3 and a Patriot Missile on a B4-4. All made perfect flights and recoveries.

Bob Smith from Toledo made two fantastic achievements this day. The first and foremost made by Bob was becoming a Sky Buster. Welcome Bob!! His second lesser achievement was certifying L-1. Bob had help from Mark Hanna in assembling his H123-M motor and getting proper motor retention in his LOC EZI-65. Bob loaded the rocket onto the rail and off it went for a perfect flight and LONG walk for recovery. Congratulations Bob...Mo Money...Mo Money...Mo Money!! Bob also launched his HellFire Missile on a D12-5 for an entertaining flight.

Mark Coburn...that pretty much says it all!! Mark took and ACED his L-2 written test then loaded up his "Thunderbolt" with a HyperTEK J-250. The first attempt at launch was aborted due to ignition problems and he had to dump the NO2. After fixing the problem and refueling, the rocket jumped off the pad and flew straight as an arrow to 2180 feet. The dual deployment altimeter worked perfectly deploying the main chute at 500 feet! Congratulations Mark. Mo Money...Mo money...Mo money!! Not to rest on his laurels, Mark threw in a HyEFX grain to make a J-270 motor and made another awesome flight to 2260 feet!! You couldn't have gotten that smile off of Mark's face with a crow bar. He kept shouting "Yeah Baby" all day. Only one thing that bothers me now...the idea that Mark Coburn can by an "L" motor!!

Newcomer Charles Delaney has returned to rocketry after a 30 year absence. Charles brought a Estes Commanche 3 with him and flew it on an E9-8. It flew great but core sampled as the nose cone separated on ejection.Charles also flew a homemade creation on a C6-7 for a good flight. He then flew it as a two stager using a D12-0 to a C6-7. Charles says he will DEFINITELY be back for more!

Mark Hanna Made three flights starting with his ISQY Tomahawk on an E3-04 for a great flight and recovery. Mark then put his D-Region Tomahawk up on an I161-M for an awesome flight. The next flight was his Astrobee D on an I300-M for a VERY quick take off. The chute got tangled after ejection and the rocket suffered a cracked fin upon landing. It will fly again however.

The following is a breakdown of flights by impulse class:
A - 0
B - 1
C - 3
D - 4
E - 3
F - 0
G - 0
H - 1
I - 2
J - 2
Les Kramer, Pres.

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