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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 03/15/2003

And lo..he spaketh the word and the word was...MUD!! With temps in the mid 50's and 5 MPH winds at our Amherst field, three Team America Rocketry Challenge(TARC) groups and five Sky Busters waddled through the mud to have a GREAT day of rocket launching. Twenty flights were made with Mike Jenkins having the most at five flights.

Mike Jenkins made the first flight of the day with his LOC Lil Nuke on a F20-4 for a perfect flight and recovery. Mike also made four more flights with four different rockets: Quest Nike Smoke on a C6-3; Quest Nike K also on a C6-3; Aerotech Mustang on a F-23-4 and a LOC rocket on a D12-5. All were great flights except the Quest Nike K which was very unstable.

Mark Coburn put his Thunderbolt up on a Pro-38 I-285 for a great flight. Then he added an electronics bay to the same rocket and made his first electronics/dual deployment flight on the same motor to 1782 feet. What a fantastic flight!! Congratulations Mark for being well on your way to L-2.

Jim "Mad Dog" Mullane made two awesome flights with his LOC EZI 65. First he launched it on a Pro 38 I-205. As if that wasn't good enough, he then put it up on a Pro 38 J-250 to an altitude of 4195 feet for the highest flight of the day!! Both flights went great and recovered nicely.

Randy Schumaker made four flights: one with his Estes Exoskell on a C6-5 and three with his Estes Mach 12 also on C6 motors. The Mach 12 flights all went well but the Exoskell had to long a delay and core sampled. Luckily with all the mud the rocket was fine.

Mike Glory three flights. Mike launched his beautiful Mercury Red Stone on a C6-5 for a picture perfect flight and recovery. He then flew a homemade rocket made from Estes parts on a C6-5. This rocket went unstable and crashed but will survive to fly another day after being modified. Mike put up another homemade rocket up on a C6-5 for a great flight and recovery.

The Parma City Schools TARC team of Liz Hang, Dean Panik, Alicia Redden, and Lisa Tran launched their 2-stage "Valley Forge Patriot 1", a 2.63" diameter rocket, on a G-80-10 staging to another G-80 using a "Frog IV" low current igniter in the sustainer for an attempt at qualifying in the AIA TARC event. A volley of screams from the team overcame the roar of the rocket as it staged beautifully sending the 3-finned sustainer well above 1500 feet. The Patriot 1's booster parachute deployed past apogee but brought it down with no damage. The sustainer's parachute deployed near apogee and returned the vehicle back to the farm with no damage, nor any broken eggs.

The Valley Forge team then re-set the Patriot 1 with another G-80 staging to an F-50 for their final attempt. This time, this flight was even more exciting as the sustainer ignited much sooner after liftoff, and for a few seconds we had two white rocket vehicles racing straight up through the blue sky. The sustainer deployed right in the eye of the afternoon sun, and was recovered down range with no damage. The recorded altitude for this flight was an amazing 1525 feet putting the Valley Forge team well within contention for the next segment of the Team America Rocketry Challenge, Congratulations on a job well done!

Flights made by impulse class:
A - 0
B - 0
C - 9
D - 1
E - 0
F - 3
G - 3
H - 0
I - 3
J - 1
Les Kramer, Pres.

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