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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 04/06/2002

It was a little chilly on this fine spring day (around 40 degrees) at our Amherst field but there was PLENTY of sunshine and MUD!! The wind was out of the NW at 5 - 10 MPH for some perfect flying weather! Seven flyers braved the field conditions to make 17 flights. Jim Mullane and Neal Bade tied for the most flights with four each.

Tom Sample wasted NO time and got right down to business. Tom made the first flight out the day with his "Mr. Pringles" rocket on a H128-S for his Level 1 certification flight. This rocket may look strange as it is built out of Pringles cans, but it is one of the most stable rockets I have ever seen. Tom has flown this rocket many times before. This flight was no different than all the previous ones. A perfect flight and recovery resulted in Tom getting his L-1 cert. Congratulations Tom!! Mo Money ...Mo Money...Mo Money!!

Jim Mullane flew his LOC Graduator twice. Once a F50-9 and also on a G40-10 for two great flights. Jim also launched his LOC EZI-65 on a H153-8 for a fantastic lift off. Jim then put his Aerotech Mustang up on a F50-9 for another perfect flight and recovery.

Neal Bade launched his Aerotech Arcas on a F52-5 for a great flight. Neal also put his LOC Onyx up on an E28-5 for another picture perfect flight and recovery. Neal flew his LOC IV on a G64-4 for an excellent flight and also his THOY Falcon on an H180-S for fantastic lift and perfect recovery.

Chris Pearson made three HyperTEK fights with the new I300 motor in a prototype LOC rocket made just for HyperTEK motors. One flight used a HyEFX grain and the other two flights used a single grain twice. All flights went great but one. The main chute got tangled upon deployment but the rocket landed without damage.

Marty Dorociak also made a HyperTEK flight this day. Marty flew a K-240 in his Laser 4.0 to an altitude of 3963 feet for an AWESOME take off and perfect recovery. Marty had to make quite a LONG walk to retrieve it though!! Marty also debuted his latest version of the HyperTEK launch/fill stem assembly. This version can easily be switched between a 7/16" rod, an Extreme rail and a Jr. Extreme rail. Great work Marty!!

Mark Coburn put his LOC IV up on a H242-M for a very fast lift off. Mark also launched his R&D Iris on a Pro 38 I205-9 for a great lift off and perfect recovery.

Terry Johnson flew his Binder Design Spike on a G40-7 for a picture perfect flight and recovery.

The following is a break down of flights by impulse class:
A - 0
B - 0
C - 0
D - 0
E - 1
F - 3
G - 3
H - 4
I - 5
J - 0
K - 1
Les Kramer, Pres.

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