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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 03/16/2002

It was a typical winter day at our Amherst, Oh field on this Saturday; temp around 40 degrees, 15 MPH winds out of the north and overcast with a 1800 foot ceiling. As the day went on, however, the sun broke through and by the end of the launch we had clear blue skies. Fourteen flyers came out to make 32 flights. Jeff Sugden had the most flights with six.

Jeff launched his two stage Custom/SAM-X five times in different configurations. Once was as a single stage rocket with an A8-3. Take off was fine but the chute got tangled during recovery. It landed without damage. The other four times were in the two stage mode for great flights and recoveries.

Andrew Taylor made the first flight of the day with his unknown Estes rocket on an A10-3T for perfect flight and recovery. Andrew also put his Holverson Silver Streak up on an A10-3T. He also flew his Estes Glider on a 1/2A3-4T for a slightly under powered but interesting flight.

James Donaldson launched his LOC-IV on a G38-4J for a great flight and recovery. Jim also flew his Bull Pup on a D12-3 for a fantastic take off and picture perfect recovery. Then Jim put his Estes Big Daddy up on a F20-4W for a slightly unstable flight. A little more nose weight would have helped for that motor.

Mark Hanna stole the day with his newly rebuilt Saturn 1B flying on a J350-S!! This rocket has been back from the dead more times than Lazarus but it NEVER fails to turn heads when it flies. On this day, everything went as planned for an AWESOME lift off and perfect recovery.

Dave Schaeffer launched his PML Bull Puppy on a H97J-M for a great flight and recovery.

Now here is a motor you don't see everyday. Jeff Durkin flew his LOC Mini-Mag on a VULCAN G130-6SS for a literally outta sight flight!

The Angyal family was very busy with eight flights. Douglas launched his Estes Maniac three times, Daniel his Estes Big Bertha two times and Christine her Quest Nike twice.

The following is a break down of flights by impulse class:
A - 8
B - 4
C - 6
D - 5
E - 1
F - 3
G - 6
H - 1
I - 0
J - 1
Les Kramer, Pres.

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