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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Sunday, 03/05/2000

What a magnificent day for the first club launch of 2000. Temps in the high 50's, not a cloud in sight & light winds! The Amherst field was dry enough to walk on but not drive on so a little walking was needed to get to the launch area. 23 flyers launched 59 rockets from B engines to J motors. Dan Ledenican took & passed his Level-2 written exam. After a trial flight of his PML Ariel II, Dan got his L-2 with a perfect J-350 certification flight. Barry Lynch however, made the perfect core sampler out of his L-2 cert flight. The J-350 powered Torpedo(original design) failed to eject the nose cone and parachute. The farmer finally found the rocket buried FLUSH with the ground. It took Barry, with a shovel and some additional help, at least 20 minutes to dig it out of the ground! They had to go 3 feet down.

Some new faces were present. Dale Purkey signed up as a new club member. Passersby were stopping to check out the action. Mark Sadowski had an excellent air start flight. His Magnum had a central I-140 with two H-180's on either side for a perfect flight. Mark Hanna launched his AWESOME Saturn 1B on a J-350, this time with a smooth recovery. The farmer suggested we get a Porta-John for the site & gave us permission to leave it there. Pete, our VP, will be checking out the cost.

If you see Mr. Born, the farmer, at a launch (& you probably will), please tell him how grateful you are to him for letting us use his field. Fields like this are VERY hard to come by.

The following is a break down of the flights by impulse class:
  • B - 6
  • C - 6
  • D - 10
  • E - 3
  • F - 5
  • G - 9
  • H - 10
  • I - 7
  • J - 3

  • Reported By Tri-City Sky Busters Rocketry Club President: Les Kramer

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