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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 02/09/2002

To All Fellow Rocketeers,

Who would have thought that in early February we would have temps in the 50's with sunny skies. We did have a little wind(manageable) and a LOT of mud but 6 flyers came out to our Amherst field to make 18 flights including three HyperTEK flights. Mark Coburn and Jim Mullane were tied with four each for the most flights of the day.

Jim Mullane made the first flight of the day with his Estes Eliminator on an E9-S to test the wind for a perfect lift off and recovery. Jim then got right down to business by attempting his Level 1 certification. Jim used his LOC EZI- 65 on a Pro38 H154-8 for picture perfect take off and flawless recovery. Congratulations Jim!! Mo money.

After Mark Coburn got his van out of the mud he launched his LOC Forte twice, once on an H97-M and once on a G75-M for two great flights. He also put his LOC Aura up on an H220T-M for an outta sight flight but he did manage to get it back.

Marty Dorociak made two EXCELLENT HyperTEK flights! The first was using his Laser 4.0 rocket on a J-330, 835cc tank with Hy-Efx grain and a .172 jet, for an awesome flight to 3429 feet. He then put a K-260, 835cc tank with Hy-Efx grain and .125 jet, in the same rocket for an even better flight to 4329 feet. If you haven't seen one of these HyperTEK flights yet, you are really missing out!

Barry "The DOC of LOC" Lynch also made a HyperTEK flight. He used his LOC IROC (Go Figure!) with a J-120, 440cc tank, for a great flight and perfect recovery. Barry also launched his new 4" LOC V-2 on a Cesaroni G-60 for a fantastic lift off.

Jamie Wylie put his Aerotech Mirage up on a G64-4 for a great flight. Jamie also launched his Tethrys twice on an H112-S and an H180-S. Both were perfect flights and recoveries.

Mark Hanna flew his 1/4 PML Patriot on an H128-S for an excellent take off and recovery. Mark also put his Aerobee Hi up on an H112-M. Mark made the only "I" motor flight of the day with his Astrobee D on an I211-M for an awesome take off and perfect recovery.

The following is a breakdown of flights by impulse class:
A - 0
B - 0
C - 0
D - 0
E - 1
F - 1
G - 5
H - 7
I - 1
J - 2
K - 1
Les Kramer, Pres.

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