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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Sunday, 12/02/2001

To All Fellow Rocketeers,

What a beautiful winter day at our Amherst field with full sunshine, NO wind and temps in the mid 50's!! Fourteen fliers came out to make 57 flights. There was a four way tie for the most flights of the day. Mike Snodgrass, Jay DeLombard, Jim Mullane and Tom Sample all tied with 6 flights each.

The first flight of the day was made by Dick DeLombard using his Estes Firebird with a B6-4 engine. The rocket made a perfect take off and recovery.

Dick's son, Jay, was busy with his Estes Mongoose flying it three times on C6-3's. Jay also launched his Mars Lander on an A3-4T. All were great flights.

Mike Snodgrass put his Aerotech Arcas up three times on a G35W-7, G33J-5 and a G64W-7 all for picture perfect take offs and landings. Mike also flew his Estes AMRAAM on a C6-7.

Marty Dorociak had an excellent day. He made TWO flights in ONE day, can you believe it!! And not just regular flights BUT HyperTEK flights. The first flight went to 1865' using the 835cc tank and HyEFX grain for a J315 in his Laser 4.0. The second went to 3979' using the same setup and it landed only 150 feet from the pad. The second flight stayed on the pad a bit longer than normal and burned through a fill stem and also burned Marty's injector bell.

Barry "The Doc of LOC" Lynch launched a prototype LOC Phoenix on a H242T-M for a great flight and recovery. I look forward to seeing this rocket in the LOC lineup.

Mark Sadowski put his LOC Bruiser EXP up on a central J415 with two outboard H220's. All motors were to be ignited simultaneously but the H220's lit first taking the rocket off the pad. By the time the J415 finally came on line the rocket had just started to tilt over. Luckily the electronics functioned as designed and the rocket was recovered without damage but at quite a distance away from the launch area.

Paul Bauer launched his 2X upscale Estes Andromeda on a G80-4 for a great flight and recovery. Paul flew his THOY Phoenix(a personal favorite of mine) on a H220T-S for a picture perfect take off and recovery.

Dave Schaeffer put his PML Bull Puppy up on a H238M for a quick take off. Dave also flew his PML AMRAAM 3 on a H180M for another great flight and recovery.

Tom Sample launched his LOC Starburst on dual D12-5's for an excellent flight. Tom also flew his LOC IV on a G35W-4 for its 17th flight. Tom's "Mr. Pringles" made a great flight on a G80T-4.

Jim Mullane put his Estes Eliminator up four times on three E9-6's and one D12-5 all for great flights and recoveries.Jim also launched his Estes Black Brandt twice on D12-5's.

Mark Coburn launched his LOC "Fixup" on an I154J-M for a fantastic flight and recovery. Mark also put his LOC Caliber ISP up on a H73J for a great flight.

Larry Graceffo flew his scratch built Phoenix on a G80-7 for a wonderful lift off and his scratch built "Air Hog" on an E30-7 for another great flight. Larry also launched his scratch built AMRAAM on an H128-S for a picture perfect flight and recovery. Can you tell Larry likes to do his own rocket building?

Everyone had a great time on this PERFECT launch day!

The following is a breakdown of flights by impulse class:
A - 3
B - 2
C - 7
D - 10
E - 9
F - 1
G - 13
H - 11
I - 1
J - 3
Les Kramer, Pres.

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