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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 12/15/2001

To All Fellow Rocketeers,

The day didn't turn out as sunny as it was supposed to be at our Amherst field but there was little to no wind and temps in the low 40's. Seven fliers turned out to make 26 flights. Jim Mullane had the most with 8 flights.

Jim Mullane made the first flight of the day with his Estes Eliminator on an E9-6. The take off went smoothly but upon ejection, the chute got tangled. The rocket was recovered with no damage. Jim was a busy boy today. He flew his Eliminator two motor times, all on E-9's. Jim also launched his LOC Legacy twice on F50 motors. Jim then put his Estes Executioner up three times on E-9's. All flights went perfectly.

Dan Ledenican didn't have a very good day at all. Dan went 1 for 3. His PML Aurora flew great on a Pro 38 J300 with G-Whiz electronic deployment. Then the bad luck started. Dan next launched his LOC EZI-65 on a Pro 38 I170 with electronic deployment. It made a beautiful flight up and then...straight down into the ground. Upon inspection, Dan realized the he had put the altimeter in upside down. This is not good especially when the electronics package is an accelerometer. Next, Dan tried to fly his LOC Syonic on a Pro 38 J360 with electronic deployment. Upon ignition, the rear closure blew off. This allowed the motor to spit out all the fuel grains. With nothing to stop the motor casing, it drove right up through the rocket punching a hole in the 1/2 plywood bulkhead and proceeded into the electronics bay. Luckily the electronics, an R-DAS, survived without damage. Both of these ill fated flights were the first ones for each rocket.

Mark Coburn launched his LOC Forte on a H-165R-M for an excellent flight. You gotta love those Red Line motors.

Tom Sample brought his rocket fleet to the launch. Tom flew his LOC IV(G35W-4), Mr. Pringles(G80T-4) and Super Big Bertha(D12-3 twice). All were great flights with perfect recoveries.

The following is a breakdown of flights by impulse class:
A - 0
B - 0
C - 0
D - 2
E - 9
F - 5
G - 5
H - 2
I - 1
J - 2
Les Kramer, Pres.

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