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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Sunday, 01/20/2002

To All Fellow Rocketeers,

Our first launch of 2002 was a COLD and WINDY one at our Amherst field, but 11 fliers braved the elements to make 28 flights. Bob Heimburger had the most with 5 flights.

The first flight of the day was Justin Mullane's Quest E-Z Payloader with a B6-2 for a perfect lift off and recovery.

Dave Schaeffer launched his PML AMRAAM 3 on a G75J-S for slow lift off and a perfect recovery. Dave also put his Estes Sliver Comet up on a D12-3 for a great flight.

Mark Coburn flew his modified LOV IV on an I161W-M for an outta sight flight. It drifted into the north tree line next to the highway. Mark managed to get it out of a tree with no damage.

Mark Hanna put his PML Endeavor up on an I300-M for an excellent flight and great recovery.

Bob Heimburger launched his Estes Big Daddy on a D12-5 for a great flight. He also flew his Big Bertha on a C6-7. Bertha had a late ejection and core sampled. Bob put a vintage Estes Mercury Redstone up on a C6-5 for a picture perfect take off but the ejection was a little late and the chutes got stripped off.

Jeff Sugden became our newest Sky Buster at the launch. Jeff flew his two stage SAM-X twice, once with a C6-0/B4-4 combination and once with a C6-0/A8-3 combo. Both flights went perfect. How he managed to find the sustainer both times with all that wind I can't tell you.

Jim Mullane wanted to get his L-1 so bad he could taste it but decided not to push the elements or the odds. He launched his Estes Executioner instead on an E15-4 for a perfect take off and recovery.

Tom Sample flew his "Mr. Pringles" on a G80T-4 for an excellent flight. Tom also put his Estes Super Big Bertha up on a D12-3 for another great flight. Jamie Wylie launched his Estes Trident on a C6-5 and his Arcas on a F40W-4. Both had excellent take offs and recoveries.

The following is breakdown of flights by impulse class:
A - 2
B - 5
C - 6
D - 6
E - 3
F - 1
G - 5
H - 0
I - 2
Les Kramer, Pres.

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