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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 03/03/2001

Sunday at our Amherst field started out as kind of a dreary day with complete cloud cover, a ceiling at 2500 feet and temps in the low 30's. But by 1 PM the skies were clear blue and the temp had risen to around 40 with little to no wind all day. Eight flyers came out to make 35 flights. Nick Appenzeller had the most flights with nine and dad Jerry, had the next highest with eight.

When I arrived at the field at 10:45 AM, Jerry and Nick Appenzeller were already setup and waiting to launch! The first flight of the day was Jerry's Estes Python on an E-18W-7. On the first attempt it blew the ignitor. On the second try everything went well for a perfect flight and recovery.

Fellow Sky Buster and the NEW "Doc of LOC," Barry Lynch, flew a new prototype rocket on a H-128-S. All I am allowed to say (under penalty of DEATH) is that it looked great and flew even better. Barry flew another homemade rocket (this one was an oldie but a goodie) on a Vulcan F110-12 for a great flight.

Wayne Edwards brought out his custom "Steeping Stone III" for three flights. The first flight was on a G80 Fast White Lighting, the second on a G80 Blue Thunder and the last on a H220 Blue Thunder. This rocket uses altimeter dual deployment. All three flights were perfect!!

Marc "Core Sampler" Coburn lived up to his name once again. Marc's LOC Forte was launched on a long burning G25W. The rocket failed to deploy its chute and made a very nice core sample of the now thawed field. Marc had crashed his LOC IV at the last launch making a Level 1 attempt but wasted no time in completely rebuilding it for this launch. The first flight was on a G75J for a great flight. Marc then made his second attempt at Level 1 by flying it on a H128W-S. This time all went well for a perfect flight and recovery. Welcome to high power Marc. Mo money, mo money, mo money!! Marc had a very interesting non-flight also. He set up a scratch built rocket on the pad with a G35W-4 motor. Upon ignition, the rocket just sat on the pad with the motor burning at a very low thrust level. Luckily, the rocket did not suffer any damage nor did the launch pad but you should have seen the PVC standoff, or what was left of it!

Dan Angyal attempted to fly his Big Bertha on a C6-3. I say attempted because just after pushing the launch button, the motor CATOed blowing the nose cone and parachute out. Luckily nothing was damaged and Dan flew it again several more times.

Nick Appenzeller launched his Legacy on a G64W-10. As the rocket left the pad, the motor started to sputter. The ejection charge never came and the rocket core sampled the field. Upon inspection, dad Jerry found that the rear o-ring seal had failed and the motor burned thru the side of the motor casing. The G64 was the motor of choice for the Appenzeller's this day as they made another three flights using this motor. The flights included their "Holiday" AMRAAM, Initiator and the Strong Arm. Jerry was quoted as saying "I gotta get my Level 1 so I can burn more AP!"

The following is a break down of flights by impulse class:
		A - 1
		B - 1
		C - 5
		D - 3
		E - 4
		F - 6
		G - 12
		H - 3
Les Kramer, Pres.

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