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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Sunday, 01/21/2001

WINDY and COLD!! That about sums up our second launch of 2001 held at our Amherst field. BUT the skies were a very clear blue with no clouds in sight. Nine flyers braved the high 20 degree temperatures (without the wind chill) to make nineteen flights. Jay Delombard and Jerry Appenzeller tied for the most flights with 4 each.

Jerry Appenzeller made the first flight of the day with his Aerotech Initiator on a G64-4W for a great flight and recovery. Jerry also launched his 2" PML "Holiday AMRAAM" on a G64-4W. The flight went OK but upon landing several fins were broken. All is repairable.

Dan Ledenican launched his Ariel II on the new Pro 38 J-300-12. It made an excellent flight but upon ejection the chute did not deploy. The frozen ground didn't do to much damage and it will fly again.

Mark Sadowski flew his Magnum on a J350 with altimeter dual deployment for an incredible flight. Everything worked as planned and it landed safely not to far from the pad, which on this day was no easy task!

Mark Snock launched his "Stretch Ugly" on an I300 with altimeter dual deployment also. This Mark was not so lucky. The drogue deployment went as planned but upon the main ejection charge igniting the chute stayed in the rocket. This poor rocket is going to take some MAJOR reconstruction. Sorry Mark.

Collin Brodine came all the way from Findlay to became our newest Sky Buster and get his Level 2! Collin flew his 4" PML AMRAAM on a J350 for an awesome flight. He got every bite of the 3000 plus feet that the flight simulation predicted. But oooh what a walk Collin had to make to recover his rocket. He did get it back and all in one piece. Congratulations on your L-2 certification Collin. Mo money, mo money, mo money!!

Steve Schaeffer launched his Estes AstroCam on a C6-7 for a great lift off. When the ejection charge came a little late, the chute shredded. Luckily the rocket was OK.

Jay Delombard flew his "Earthbound" on an A8-3 for a great lift off. However the chute became tangled upon ejection. Luckily the rocket landed without any damage.

The last flight of the day was by Tony Fragge. Tony flew his LOC Aura on a F50-4T for a fantastic flight. After we were all packed up and ready to leave for the day, Tony was still looking for it. Hope you found it Tony.

The following is a break down of flights by impulse class:
		A - 5
		B - 1
		C - 1
		D - 1
		E - 0
		F - 2
		G - 4
		H - 1
		I - 1
		J - 3
Les Kramer, Pres.

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