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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Sunday, 02/18/2001

AWESOME says it all for our clubs first Hypertek launch!! Seventeen flyers braved the cold and wind to make 27 flights at our Amherst field. There was a four way tie for the most flights of the day with Jerry Appenzeller, Tony Fragge, Rich DeLombard and Mark Coburn having three flights each.

Mark Coburn launched his LOC IV on an H128 for an attempt at Level 1. The take off was perfect but the delay was a little too long and it made a very nice core sampler. Well, actually with the ground frozen solid it didn't get a very good sample. Sorry Mark. Better luck next time. Mark says it will fly again.

Richard DeLombard put his Estes FireBird up three times. Each flight was low altitude due to the wind but Rich also didn't have far to walk for recovery.

Tony Fragge launched his Estes Phoenix on a D12-3 for an excellent flight with a perfect recovery.

Jerry Appenzeller flew his Seahawk twice on 24 mm reloads. The second time it spit the reloadable motor casing and it was not to be found anywhere.

Marty Dorociak put his Caliper ISP up on an I-195-J for a great flight. It did a nice little wiggle on the way up. Deployment went well but it received some slight damage after being dragged along the ground by the chute.

Joe Angelucci launched his Estes V-2 on a D-12-3 for a fantastic flight. It did receive some minor damage on landing.

Kevin Cook also went for his Level 1 certification. Kevin flew his beautiful scratch built Phoenix with an H-128-W for a perfect flight. Recovery took a while as it blew down range quite a bit and landed in a tree. But Kevin recovered it in perfect condition and got his L-1. Congratulations Kevin.

Well, I saved the best for last. Dan Ledenican brought out his PML Aurora and his Hypertek J-205 hybrid motor. Setting up the launch system is a breeze as all connections are color coded. Dan loaded the rocket onto one of Pete Pfingsten's custom made heavy duty pads and armed the electronics. Back at the launch control table, Dan started the fill sequence. You could hear the hissing from 100 feet away as the tank filled with nitrous oxide. At the moment the tank became filled, the pitch of the hissing changed. Because of the cold, it was hard to see the nitrous venting from the side of the rocket. I felt like I was at the Cape watching NASA put one up! At this moment, Dan set the switch to launch and pressed the button. The oxygen flowed, the transformer lit up the ignitor and off she went. Ignition time was no more than one-second. The sound was incredible, loud and buzzing. When they said it sounds like a W.W.II German V-1 Buzz Bomb they were not kidding! There was very little smoke generated by the plastic fuel grain. The rocket made a perfect flight and recovery. What a crowd pleaser. Many folks came out just to see this flight. I look forward to many more Hypertek flights this year.

The following is a break down of flights by impulse class:
		A - 4
		B - 4
		C - 2
		D - 3
		E - 2
		F - 5
		G - 3
		H - 2
		I - 1
		J - 1
Les Kramer, Pres.

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