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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 03/31/2001

Saturday turned out to be a great day at our Amherst field. The day started out with overcast skies and a 1200 foot ceiling but by 2 PM we had sunshine with some clouds and moderate winds. Seven flyers made 21 flights with Jerry Appenzeller once again making the most with 6 flights.

Barry "The DOC of LOC" Lynch was the first one to arrive with a brand new Yellow Jacket launch pad to test. This is a very nice pad but a little on the expensive side. Barry launched his Graduator on an H128S for a great flight. He also flew his 5.5" V-2 on an I211S for an awesome flight and perfect recovery.

Kevin Cook put his scratch built Phoenix up on an H180 for a fast take off. Upon ejection, the rocket body, nose cone and parachute all went their separate directions. The rocket tumbled down for an unbelievable landing with NO damage. The chute was located but the nose cone was no where to be found. Sorry Kevin. Kevin also launched his "The Money Pit" on an I211 with electronic dual deployment for a fantastic take off. The main chute came out a little early. Kevin thinks the coupler was a little to loose.

Mark Hanna flew his 1/4 scale PML Patriot on an H180M for a perfect flight and recovery. Mark also launched his Black Brandt VB on a G80-4 for another great flight.

Mark Coburn, who never fails to disappoint us, did not let us down. He put his "Proto" rocket up on a G75J. This rocket is a combination of three separate surviving rockets rolled up into one. It made a great flight. Mark also flew his LOC IV on an H238T for an awesome flight!

Newcomer Jared Smitko launched his Estes Phoenix on a D12-3 for a great flight but upon landing it cracked a fin. Jared also flew his Estes Hyper X, first on an A8-3. This proved to be not enough motor and it lawn darted. The rocket did not suffer any damage and was quickly reloaded with a C6-5. This time the flight was perfect.

Jerry "AP" Appenzeller had a busy day as usual. Jerry put his Python up on an E28-7 for an outta sight flight. He then flew his Strong Arm on a G33-5 for a great flight. Jerry launched his Holiday Amraam on a F52-5 for a perfect flight. He also flew his Astobee-D on a G64-4.

In my opinion, the best flight of the day was made by Pat Easter. Pat launched his 7.5" LOC V-2 on a J570 for his Level 2 certification flight! What a spectacle! This is one impressive looking rocket. Pat painted it in the yellow and black test scheme. Barry Lynch's new launch pad was broken in right. The take off and recovery went off without a hitch. Welcome to Level 2 Pat!

Marty Dorociak delivered our new rail system to me at the launch. Marty and I did a dry run by setting it up on Barry's new pad. It goes together easily and can handle anything you can build! Marty has made it Hypertek compatible as well. Rail guides are available through the club at $6 per pair. Black Sky rail guides are also available at $2 per pair for our smaller standard rail.

The following is a break down flights by impulse class:
         A - 1
         B - 0
         C - 1
         D - 1
         E - 3
         F - 1
         G - 6
         H - 5
         I - 2
         J - 1
Les Kramer, Pres.

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