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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Sunday, 09/17/2000

The word for the day was WINDY!! At 9 AM the winds were 10 to 15 MPH and by 1 PM they were 20 to 25 MPH necessitating the shut down of the range. Eight flyers braved these conditions to make 12 flights. Mike Pincus had the most flights with 3.

We welcomed two new Sky Buster members to our ranks. Mike Pincus and Ken Holloway are our latest additions to our growing club. When you see them at future launches, please give them are warm welcome!

Barry Lynch and Neal Bade came to pick up their Hypertek motors with fuel grains and check out the related launch equipment.

Mike Molnar flew his Aerotech Initiator with an F50-6T for an out of site lift off. Unfortunately, this flight was made towards the end of our launch and the rocket drifted away, across the road, never to be found. Sorry Mike.

Mike Pincus launched his "Pluto Water" on a D12-5. About 50 feet above the launch pad, she went horizontal, headed towards the bean field like a cruise missile. The rocket was recovered with very little damage. Mike's new name is "Lucky."

Ed Lambert tried his AGM 57X Heatseeker on an Aerotech D21-7. If you blinked, you missed it take off. Everyone lost site of it and it was never found. Too bad Ed.

Alex Jenkins flew his Estes AMRAAM on a C6-5 for a great flight! Ken Holloway launched his "Shell Shocker" (minus the egg) on a C6-3 for a perfect flight. Pat Easter put his Estes R2D2 up on a A10-3 for a "closest to the pad" recovery. Cameron Jenkins flew his "Big Daddy" on a D12-3 for a fine flight.

Needless to say, most folks had to take quite a walk to recover their rockets. To bad it was so windy, the weather was fantastic. Hope to see you all at our next club meeting on October 01, 2000 (details to follow).

The following is a break down of flights by impulse class:
         A - 1
         B - 0
         C - 4
         D - 6
         E - 0
         F - 1
Les Kramer, Pres.

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