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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Sunday, 11/05/2000

It was another great launch day at our Oberlin field! Sunny skies, 10 MPH winds and a nice dry field. Twenty-one (21) flyers came out to launch 90 rockets! Nicholas "I've got AP fever" Appenzeller made the most flights with 10.

The first flight of the day was Pete Pfingsten's SA-14 Archer on a H-180-S for a perfect flight. Pete then put his "Falcon" up on a H-123-S. This flight was the only one for the day with electronic dual deployment. The main came out at 400 feet as expected for a perfect recovery. Pete also flew his Trans 403 on a central H-220 and air started two (2) outboard D-12-0 at 1.5 seconds after lift off. Everything worked as planned. This rocket is always a real crowd pleaser.

Chip Jenkins launched his Bull Pup on a H-180-S for a great flight. Chip then put his "Peacock" up on a G-64-7. Unfortunately this was a "no chute" flight! Damage is unknown at this time.

Brother Randy Jenkins flew his 2x upscale "Goblin" on an F-52-8T for great flight. Randy also launched his "Brutus" on a H-123-S. At apogee the chute got tangled but the rocket landed with minimal damage.

Harry Dohalick got his Level 1 certification with a PML Small Endeavor on a H-73-J for a picture perfect flight and recovery. Harry then decided to make another L-1 flight with this same rocket on a H-123. This time he got a bad zipper for his trouble. Sorry Harry, but it is repairable. Harry also flew his small PML AMRAAM on a F-23J-4 for a great flight.

Pat Easter launched his all wood construction "Woody" on a H-128 for a great flight. This is one great looking rocket! Pat also flew his beautiful Bomarc on a G-64 for an impressive flight. Pat then put his "Starburst" up on a cluster of two (2) D-12-5's for a great flight. Pat got ambitious and launched his "Wahoo" on an I-161 for the biggest motor of the day. What an impressive flight and perfect recovery!

Nicholas Appenzeller caught AP fever by making his first AP flights. Nicholas flew his Aerotech "Strong Arm" on a G-80-4 for an awesome flight! Then he launched his "Initiator" on a G-80-7 for another great flight.

Neal Bade put his "Falcon" up on a H-123-S for an excellent flight. Neal also flew his "Long Arm," a stretched Aerotech "Strong Arm," on a G-35-7 Econojet for a perfect flight and recovery.

Bob Yeager launched his Sliver Comet on a D-12-3. At apogee the nose cone did come off but the chute did not come out. Bob took a very nice core sample of the field. Luckily the rocket had minimal damage and will fly again.

Dave Schaeffer flew his Binder "Sentinel" on a H-180-S for an awesome flight with a perfect recovery.

Jay Delombard launched his "Marathon" on A-8-3's about a million times for perfect flights each time! Well, it was actually seven (7) times but who's counting.

Tom Jares brought out an original design rocket glider. He flew it on a C6-5 for an interesting flight. All went well for this rocket's maiden voyage.

Jamie Wylie launched his Estes "Mean Machine" on a D-12-5 for a great flight. Jaime then flew his "Mustang" on a F-12-5. Well, to say it "flew" is misleading. It sat on the pad "chuffing" the entire time. It never made it past the end of the launch rod! The bottom of the rocket was burned very badly but the motor casing survived.

Mike Bouley put his Estes "Super Big Bertha" up on an E-15-7 for an awesome flight. At apogee the rocket experienced separation with no chute deployment. The rocket core sampled. Sorry Mike.

The launch ended a little early because of the winds picking up. A fantastic day overall made great by the people in attendance.

Here is a break down of the flights by impulse class:
         A - 14
         B - 11
         C - 23
         D - 15
         E - 5
         F - 4
         G - 11
         H - 11
         I - 1
Les Kramer, Pres.

Design and programming by Jamie Wylie. Maintained by Dan Vento, Pat Easter and Gerry Freed for Skybusters Rocketry Club. Please send your comments/corrections/additions to the webmaster.