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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 10/21/2000

WOW!! That about sums up this launch. What a day. Blue skies, temps in the upper 60's, little to no wind, great field conditions and all this in mid October in Northern Ohio. Twenty-five flyers made 97 flights for the day. Jamie Wylie had the most flights with nine!

Vice-Pres Pete Pfingsten started out the day by setting up our new P/A system donated to us by Wayne Edwards and his brother Rich. Pete made a stand for it that will have a wind sock or streamer at the top to indicate wind direction. The system works great. Many thanks to Wayne and Rich. Please say "Thanks" to them when you see them at our next launch.

Pete "I can't light this AP motor for nothin" Pfingsten had a little trouble trying to light the F40 motor in his AMRRAM II. Well, the fourth time was the charm or was it the fifth, I forget, and off it went for a great flight. Pete also launched his "Little Orange" with two D12-0's staged to a single D12-5 for an awesome two stage flight. Pete also put up his ADPS1 on a H-97 using a dual deployment altimeter for a perfect flight and recovery.

Neal Bade flew his Excel on a H128W-S for a great flight. Neal also launched his Arcas on a G35W-7. He also put his Sentinel up on an I161W-S for an awesome flight and perfect recovery.

Mark Hanna launched his Sandhawk on a H128W-S for an incredible flight. Mark also flew his LOC Caliper on a H180W-M and his Arcas on a H123W-M for two perfect flights.

Nicholas Appenzeller became our newest club member at this launch. He made 5 flights for the day. Please welcome Nicholas to our ranks when you meet him at our next launch.

Jaimie Wylie flew his LOC IV on a G80-4T for a great flight. He then reloaded the rocket with a H128-W with short delay to attempt his Level 1 certification. As with the first flight, all went picture perfect. Congratulations Jamie!! Keep your credit cards handy.

Dan Ledenican flew his PML Aurora on an Aerotech J210 Hybrid motor for a fantastic flight and perfect recovery.

Chip "How big a motor do you think I can put in this thing" Jenkins had a busy day trying to over power just about every rocket he owned. Chip launched his Bull Pup on the new 29 mm I200W motor for a great flight. Upon ejection the rocket experienced separation. The main body tube then tumbled back to earth with NO damage. Chip's new name is LUCKY Jenkins. Chip then put his LOC Stovi up on a H128W for a literally "outta sight" flight. Chip also flew his beautiful Saturn V on a D12-3.

Randy Jenkins launched his Public Enemy Fat Boy on a Kosdon H-255-9. What a great motor and an excellent flight.

Marty "I have to start making more than one flight per day" Dorociak finally did it. He launched his LaserSonic, 4" rocket, not once but TWICE. The first flight was made on an I-211 with electronic dual deployment for a perfect flight. The second fight was made with an Ellis Mountain J-270 for an incredible flight. Great job Marty.

Yours truly launched his now famous 5.5" Phoenix on an I-435-T motor. That 12 pound rocket just jumped off the launch pad. Upon ejection, a too large ejection charge coupled with a slightly early deployment, gave the upper section a slight zipper. But fear not, it is already being repaired!

Bob Faud flew his PML 1/4 scale Patriot on a H-180-W. The rocket got about 10 feet off the pad when it experienced a blow by of the forward closure. The top section blew off and the bottom part continued its ascent with a tumble recovery. The rocket was quite a mess. Sorry Bob.

Little Lance Kasper really got into the spirit of rocketry by launching his Ninja rocket six times!! As fast as he could recover it, he prepped it and was out to the launch rail again...and again....and again.

Wayne Edwards tried out his "Piston Assist" launch mechanism. He used an Estes D-12 in his "Pebble-in-the Sky" rocket. I am not quite sure HOW it works but work it did!!

Pat Easter launched his beautiful 3X Upscale Star Rider on a H180W-S for a great flight. Pat also flew his Jayhawk on an E11J and his Nuebauer Rockets 2.6" Mercury Redstone on an E15-4, both for picture perfect flights. Pat then launched the Redstone a second time on the same motor. This time in turned into a lawn dart with VERY late ejection. Good thing the nose cones on these rockets are cast resin!

A good time was had by all on this gorgeous fall day!

The following is break down of flights by impulse class:
         A - 10
         B - 7
         C - 15
         D - 21
         E - 13
         F - 5
         G - 5
         H - 17
         I - 6
         J - 2
Les Kramer, Pres.

Design and programming by Jamie Wylie. Maintained by Dan Vento, Pat Easter and Gerry Freed for Skybusters Rocketry Club. Please send your comments/corrections/additions to the webmaster.