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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Friday, 08/18/2000

This was the first launch of the year at the Oberlin field & the first wavered launch ever for this field. Mother nature was kind as far as August temperatures go. It was a cool day, dare I say, almost chilly. But the rocket gods weren't so kind. The wind was blowing out of the North from 5 to sometimes 10 mph. Some of the arriving flyers even reported scattered showers, but we stayed dry all day. Despite the wind & only 9 flyers, we stayed fairly busy with a total of 33 flights logged. Aiming into the wind as we did, we still, unfortunately managed to drop a few rockets into the bean field. Sorry farmer, they all were recovered.

We had mostly Estes size flights for the day, with "C" motors being the most popular, a total of twelve "C" flights in all. We did fly 4 F's & 2 G's. The father & son team of Rich & Rob Cook were the big flyers of the day with 8 flights total. The Jares family came in second with 5 flights.

The coolest flight of the day was Tom Jares EDmond ECEE Thunder Glider. This "D" powered ship took to the wind very well, & on ejection, glided for sometime safely back to earth. We had a couple small rockets lawn dart, but no great damages or loses. Young Eric Jones had a rather interesting "burn through" flight on a G75J in his Phoenix. The rocket did not gain a lot of altitude before it blew the nose cone & started spewing black exhaust gases from the wrong end of the rocket. Thanks to a Nomex chute protector & low altitude, the rocket suffered only minor damage. A black mess was all over inside of the rocket & on Eric's hands from cleanup. Pat Easter flew this neat old Estes kit called the Voyager 2. Pat always has something cool to launch!

A new member, Jamie Wylie came out for some flying, logging 4 flights for the day. This included his first RMS reload flight. Yours truly supervised the motor assembly & all went well in his LOC IV flight. Nice job Jamie. Thanks to Pat for the RSO/LCO help, & to the others that helped packup when the launch was over. Not a bad day in the field at all !!

Flights included the following:
A = 6
B = 5
C = 12
D = 5
E = 0
F = 4
G = 2

Pete Pfingsten,

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