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Launch Reports

Launch Report for Saturday, 06/03/2000

What a day for flying some rockets! On a beautiful spring day 14 rocketeers gathered to make 45 flights. Ryan and Anthony SanFilippo made the most flights with 8. Tied for second was place was Pat Easter and Jon Hauserman with 6 flights each.

Pat Easter launched his V-2 on an E15W-7 for a great liftoff. The 7 second delay proved to be a bit to long and the V-2 suffered a very bad zipper. Pat says it will live to fly again. Pat also put his "Lil' Lunar Express" up on an I161W-M. That's quite a motor for this rocket. It took off in a flash for an excellent flight and perfect recovery.

Pete Pfingsten flew his "Trans-403" on a central H128W-S air-starting two outboard D12's . WOW. What an awesome flight and recovery.

Jon Hauserman launched his "Caliber ISP" on a G50-7 for an excellent flight and recovery. Jon also flew his LOC Onyx on a F50-9. Lift off was perfect but upon separation the chute got tangled. The rocket was recovered but it suffered a cracked fin.

Ryan and Anthony SanFilippo launched their "Dragon Fly" on an I-357-M. The lift off was good but at ejection the chute failed to fully deploy from the body tube. The rocket made a tumble recovery with no damage. Father and son also flew their "USA-1" for the first flight of the day with a D12-5 for a great flight.

Eric Jones flew his THOY Phoenix on a G-75-S for a great flight. Upon landing the Phoenix broke a fin off at the body tube. This is quite common on this brand of model even though it has "thru the wall to the motor mount" fin construction. I can attest to this personally. Three fins have broken off of mine and been repaired!

A great time was had by all!

The following is a breakdown of flights by impulse class:
         A - 4
         B - 1
         C - 8
         D - 11
         E - 7
         F - 6
         G - 5
         H - 2
         I - 3
Les Kramer, Pres.

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