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Josh Hanna's Rocketry Projects

Here are two of the projects I am building during the year 2000.

  • The first is a 2X up scale of the PML sudden rush which I renamed as "Ultimate Rush". It has a boat tail leading to it's 75mm motor mount. It weights around 30-35 lbs. with 10 lbs. of nose weight all ready in it. It was going to go 8000 ft on the Aerotech M1315.

  • Now this is where my other project came in the picture, after talking to Ross down at Magnum he shipped us a 9.25" diameter Phoenix (from Maximum Thrust Rockets) this thing is huge!! It is around 10' tall and the parts alone weight around 35 lbs. it should be about 50lb. when I am finished with it. So unless I can't finish it in time for NY power the phoenix will become my new Level III project.

  • I hope to have some construction photos very soon..

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